- Conducting passive range-of-motion exercise
- Applying ice caps or collars
- Applying heat
- Cutting toenails of residents with a diagnosis of diabetes or
   circulatory problems with an  order for the healthcare provider
- Performing ear or eye irrigation
- Conducting a urine dipstick test
- Replacement of an established, self-maintained indwelling
   catheter and associated catheter care
- Performing digital stool removals
- Applying and changing routine dressings that do not require
   packing or irrigation
- Care for Stage II pressure sores
- Caring for casts, braces, and splints (not for head braces/halo)
Limited Nursing Services
- Conduct nursing assessments under direct supervision
   of a registered nurse
- Assisting, applying, caring for, and monitoring the application
   of anti-embolism stocking (i.e., Ted hose) as prescribed by the
   resident's healthcare provider
- Assisting with administration and regulation of portable oxygen
   and nebulizers
- Applying, caring for, and monitoring a transcutaneous electric
   nerve stimulator (TENS)
- Assistance with ostomy care and maintenance
- Testing blood sugars with a portable glucose monitor
- Administering medications as ordered by a physicial, allowable
   under FS Chapter 429, FAC 58-5, and within scope of
   nursing practice
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Boppa's Home offers Limited Nursing Services at no additional charge.
These are services that are not provided under a standard Assisted Living Facility.
There's No Place Like Home
There's No Place Like Home
Boppa's Home
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